Notices for Dialstone Lane w/c 14th Sept 2020(2)

Notices for Dialstone Lane w/c 14th Sept 2020

Resuming Worship in our Church Buildings at Dialstone Lane

We have now dipped a cautious toe in the water of being “back at Church”. I believe that for those attending on Sunday 13th Sept, it has proved to be less worrying and the rules to follow less intrusive than many of us feared. Jenny Nowell has kindly written the following:

“This morning’s service was really special, and all the Marshalls did a grand job.
I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all apart from the misty steamed up glasses!
Everyone involved in getting church ready should be very proud of their achievement and a heart-felt “Thank you” from us all is certainly deserved!”

Certainly, looking out at the congregation from behind the communion rail, although we were few in number, because everyone was spread out and towards the front, the church felt fuller than it was. The sunshine and heating meant that it was warm too, despite all my warnings about it possibly being cold. And it still might be! Having live music played by Anita and being able to sing/hum very quietly into our masks was a joy.

I know that some people have found the way in which we are inviting you back to church in groups and on different days from service to service a bit difficult to follow. This was intended to allow everyone the chance to come at some point at a time that would suit them. However, we will be reviewing how it has gone over the first few weeks and so please look out for changes in future. In the meantime, here is the information again for the next four weeks. The important thing to remember is the number of your fellowship group so that you can see when your group is invited back to church. The fellowship groups list is provided again in this newsletter. If your name doesn’t appear on the list and you want to come back to church please contact Gill Ramsbottom (483 8812) or Catriona Stoker (487 2010). The numbers beside the Marshalls’ names refer to the different jobs they will be doing.

Day and Date



Fellowship Groups




Sunday 20th

4.30 pm

Cathy Bird

7, 9 & 10


Susan C

1) Dave
2 )Linda
3) Debbie
4) Eric

Wednesday 23rd

11.00 am

Cathy Bird

6, 1 & 2



1) Andy
2) Andrew
3) Jane
4) Catriona

Sunday 27th

All We Can Harvest

11.00 am

Liz Delafield

& Stewart Blackledge

3, 5 & 8



1) Debbie
2) Lesley
3) Sheila
4) Sue J

Wednesday 30th
All We Can Harvest

11.00 am

Stewart Blackledge

4, 7 & 9

John Ramsbottom

Susan C

1) Linda
2) Gill R
3) Catriona
4) Andy


Service Sheet used in worship on 13th and 16th September 

You can view the service sheet used for the above services here. 

As we go back to our church buildings …..
This is part of a prayer that is on the circuit website ( )

Living God, you are always present among us,
Weeping with us, laughing with us, walking with us and working with us
Help us to recognise that you are a 'God with us' and in you is our hope
As we return to our church buildings for worship,
Help us not to lose sight of what we have learned about our faith during this lockdown,
Help us to be channels of your love in our communities,
Transcending those walls, boundaries, positions and horizons, which we know restrict us.
for you O God cannot be contained and limited to any enclosed spaces and spheres.

Rev Raj Patta

All We Can Harvest Services

As we continue with another six months of fundraising for All We Can, Liz and Stewart will be using their harvest materials in preparing the services they are leading at the end of September. The theme is “Change Begins with a Bicycle, to break the cycle of poverty”. Gift envelopes will be available at services and for those who receive their newsletters in printed form. Envelopes can be returned to the church letterbox or our Treasurer, Jane Hollins, 12 Withypool Drive. Otherwise, giving through the website ( or by phone (020 7467 5132) is possible.


You may know that we have been putting a table of second-hand books outside church whenever the weather allows it.  The books are free to anyone who wants to take a couple and we also invite charity donations. We have four batches of books, which we rotate, so each batch can rest untouched for at least 3 days.
This has reminded passers-by that the church is still active and we have raised nearly £200 for charity (Christian Aid, All We Can and the Offerton Covid-19 Community Support Group).
If you would like some books passed to you, please just tell me the sort of thing you like (eg biography, romance, detective....) and I can deliver.  Alternatively, if you have any second-hand books you would like to donate, I'll be very happy to collect them.

Andy Stoker (0161-487-2010)

Methodist Prayer Manuals

I now have the copies of the Methodist Prayer Manual for all those who ordered them. Please let me know what would suit you around delivering them. They cost £4.15 each.

Catriona Stoker – 0161 487 2010

Barbara’s Thoughts

Not noticing that a cone had fallen over, I backed my car out of the garage and the front wheel ran over it trapping it under the arch.
I tried everything I could to free it, to no avail.
Out of nowhere (it seemed) a young man’s voice said “can I help?”
For the next few minutes he tried repeatedly to free me, until by slowly driving forward and back I was finally free. Then he waited until I was out on the carpark.
I stopped the car and got out to thank him, but he had vanished.
Who was this mysterious helper? A kind stranger or something more?

The image we have of angels as radiant or winged creatures is half true. Isaiah 6:2 but Matthew 28:3  says others come with dusty feet. The writer of Hebrews says that by showing hospitality to strangers, we could be entertaining angels without realising it.
ngels are at work helping God’s people now and they can appear as ordinary people.
(Matthew 13: 1-3)


The new Traidcraft catalogues are available, with Christmas cards, wrapping paper, nativities and other Christmas decorations and food as well as the usual food, chocolate (or is that food?), drink, everyday cards, socks, and varied crafts.
Some people will be particularly happy to learn that chocolate raisins are back in stock and they’ve been joined by a new line - chocolate ginger – which I feel obliged to try and report back on!
Some food items are approaching their sell by dates so there will be a few bargains to be had too.

So do get in touch if you want a catalogue or would like to know what is available to buy.

Catriona Stoker, tel - 0161 487 2010; email -


Muriel Crofts

We have learnt that Muriel died over the weekend of Sept 5th-6th September.

Liz Jenkins, who was her pastoral visitor for many years writes:

“Many of you will remember Auntie Mu’ from the Dialstone Lane Playgroup. She and her sons, Glyn and Jonathon, were regular attenders at Offerton when they moved to Bean Leach.  She was in the original church choir, with a beautiful alto voice and remained in it until recently when she became ill. She was Sunday School Superintendent for many years, was the newsletter editor and was famous for her “we want to know” section and had a close association with the scouts.

A lovely lady who will be sorely missed.”

Our thoughts and prayers go to Muriel’s sons,
wider family and friends at this time.


In Memoriam

When you return to church you will see there are some gifts to the church in memory of the many people whom we have lost from our church family over the past six months.

Susan Conlon has been moved to create a thoughtful new banner which you will see on the side wall of the church. It reads “Praise the God of All Comfort” and then below “In loving memory of all those who died during the Covid-19 pandemic 2020”.                                                        

Sheila Hulme has also made our beautiful new pulpit and lectern falls. The pulpit fall is dedicated to the memory of Connie Clarke.

Outside, you may have seen that we have two new stone benches in the area behind the big cross. They have been purchased by the families of Harry Yarnell and Margarette Franklin – the dedication plaques have yet to be made. During the summer we have seen how much the existing bench has been appreciated by people wanting a quiet moment or a destination for their daily exercise, so we are grateful for these gifts.

Thank you to Susan and Terry Conlon for sourcing and constructing the benches.

Against the church wall behind the original bench, Connie’s family has planted a rose – Constance Spry. Apparently, it’s noted for its vigour, so a fitting tribute.


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