Services are normally held every Sunday morning at 11:00am, and on the 3rd Sunday monthly at 4:30pm.

The Leadership Team has been discussing whether we hold the services for the next few weeks in Church, so we can meet in person, or over Zoom. 
We have concluded that so long as there is no change in Government or Church guidance and everyone plays their part by sticking with the guidelines outlined below, we should be able to meet safely in person at Church. The guidelines have been updated a little since we first returned to church, as our knowledge of Covid has progressed. So please take the time to read them.

We would remind you that this is in the context of huge growth in the numbers of people diagnosed with Covid throughout the country and in Stockport in particular, the Zoe study estimate that numbers with an active infection have grown by 985 in the last week to 6954. A few weeks ago this number was in the low hundreds. So we must proceed with caution. We will also be reviewing the situation regularly.

  • Please don't come to Church if you feel unwell or think you are starting with a cold. The top 5 symptoms for both the Delta and Omicron variants of Covid are runny nose, headache, fatigue (mild or severe), sneezing and sore throat - very much what you would expect with a cold. The "classic" symptoms of fever, cough and loss of sense of taste or smell are less in evidence.

  • Please take a lateral flow test before coming to Church. The kits are still readily available in pharmacies or on-line and no longer require you to "tickle your tonsils", just take a nose swab sample.

  • Even if you have a negative lateral flow test result please follow all the guidelines listed - a significant proportion of infections are thought to be asymptomatic and such people can still transmit.

  • Continue to wear masks whilst inside the Church building. These should be of a minimum of double thickness cloth and be worn over the nose and mouth.

  • Sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the Church.

  • Choose how close you wish to sit to other people. The seats down either side of the Church are spaced a little further apart. In addition you can pick up a blue sheet marked with a cross to place on any paired chair, to indicate that you don't want anyone to sit beside you.

  • The risks of infection are highest when we are close together and talking, especially in an enclosed space. - So please don't move about the Church before or after the service - or stop other people on their way to their seats to talk to them. - And please don't gather more than 4 people in the foyer before or after the service. When entering and you can see people gathering ahead of you, please wait outside. When leaving, please move quickly through the foyer and don't block the doorways talking. If you can see a blockage developing, please wait in the church.

  • Please don't be offended if you are reminded of these guidelines on the spot; it's all too easy to forget.

Ultimately you must decide on what is right for you about attending Church - and this includes those who have "duties". Please don't feel obliged to attend if it isn't right for your circumstances.

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