2nd March 2021

Dialstone Lane Notices

Plans to Reopen Church for Worship

The Leadership Team held a meeting on 2nd March to discuss the best way forward for Dialstone Lane. We considered the context of infection rates in Greater Manchester (including a recent rise, then fall in numbers in Stockport) being higher than the rate as a whole in England. We thought about the needs of the people who haven’t been able to join us at all since the start of the first lockdown, those who have joined us on zoom and those who felt able to come back into Church when we were open. We talked about what we would need to do before being able to reopen safely and if we decided to open what might make us change our minds again.

In principle, we would like to be able to open for services on Easter Day, such a special day for Christians, and hope that we can achieve this. This would be by pre-booked place.  We would then intend to carry on as we did before with three services a fortnight and people invited back in their fellowship groups. Zoom morning services would cease, but the Zoom Circuit Sunday services will continue at 3.00pm.

However, in the light of the infection rates in Greater Manchester we decided that we would revisit this decision in a fortnight’s time to confirm or otherwise. In the meantime, we will get on with the necessary preparatory work. This includes a further training session for the people who have been ensuring a Covid secure environment at church – the stewards and marshalls – as it’s a long time since the original training, we’ve learnt a lot by doing the job and possibly forgotten some things! We also need to reissue the reminders for members of the congregation attending as we’re all responsible for helping everyone else stay safe. Once the exact times of services have been decided we would then draw up the rotas for all the people involved in running and attending the services.

During March, morning services will continue for Dialstone Lane on Zoom at 11.00am:

March 7th Songs of Praise with prayers led by Andrew Mason -

March 14th Preacher Rev Cathy Bird (Mothering Sunday)

March 21st Preacher Eric Osborne

March 28th Preacher Andrew Stoker

The signing in details for the zoom services by computer or tablet are the same as for the last few weeks and can be found by clicking here, and then by selecting the relative service on the calendar.

You are very welcome to join in by phone too; please let us know a couple of days in advance and we can let you have the words to hymns, pictures and other things like prayers that you can join in with.

The phone numbers remain the same each week, but this time I am rewriting them to numbers as you would dial them from a UK number, rather than with the international dialling code in front:

Dial one of the telephone numbers below; you will be charged at your usual call rate. When you get through you will be asked to dial in the Meeting ID when you connect, followed by hash #, then # again as you are a participant not the host, then the password followed by #. 

0208 080 6592;           0203 481 5240 ;         0203 901 7895;        

0330 088 5830;           0208 080 6591;         0208 080 6591;          

0131 460 1196;           0203 481 5237

Meeting ID: 958 2240 1033     Passcode: 611059

During the service you will be “muted” by the “host” of the meeting, so we won’t be able to hear you, but you can hear us. That’s because only one person in a group on zoom can speak or sing at a time so if lots of people are trying to talk at once it becomes noisy with no communication. The host can’t unmute you, but if you want to unmute yourself you just press the star key followed by number 6. This will be useful if you want to join a “breakout room” at the end when you are divided randomly into groups of 4 to 5 people so you can have a chat.

Catriona Stoker, Co-ordinating Steward – Tel 487 2010; email cat.stoker@btinternet.com

Zoom Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings will continue on Thursdays on a fortnightly basis with the following log-in details:

Topic: Dialstone Lane Zoom Coffee Morning

Every 2 weeks on Thursday at 11.00am

March 11th, March 25th, etc.


Meeting ID: 925 9944 4343   Passcode: 626898

Zoom Afternoon Tea & Chat

Peter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Afternoon Chat & Cup of Tea

Time: Mar 18, 2021 16:00 London

 Every 2 weeks on Thursdays, Mar 18, April 1 etc


Meeting ID: 939 0341 9254   Passcode: 013198

The telephone details given for the services will work for the coffee mornings and afternoon teas, using the meeting ID’s and Passcodes given appropriately.

Lockdown Letters

"Lockdown Letters" were originally written as weekly pieces, sent to friends and acquaintances during the first five months of the national lockdown, following the spread of the global COVID19 virus in March 2020. Personal reflections on the positive and negative effects of the lockdown, the letters are a kind of commentary on this strange time which has the potential to change our lives, society and the world, for years to come. Price £6.50. Profits from sales of 'Lockdown Letters' will be equally divided between Medical Aid for Palestinians and The Fund for Human Need, a small, effective Methodist charity. Copies can be obtained from Warren at w.bardsley39@btinternet.com or 01543 255292.

Treasurers Appeal and Gift Day

Thanks to all who are continuing to give during this difficult time. It has made my job much easier that people have been so generous and have managed to contribute in all sorts of ways.

I thought it would be useful to remind you of the different ways you can give even though the church building is shut. You can give by standing order, post a cheque to me or if you would like me to call round and collect your cash contribution please give me a ring. My contact details are telephone 0161 419 9595 or my address is 12 Withypool Drive Stockport SK2 6DT.

The effect of closing the building has been felt much more during this financial year as we have had no Christmas Fair and very little rental income. At the present time we have spent nearly £9000 more than we have received as we still have bills such as the assessment and maintenance costs for the building. Please consider carefully and prayerfully what you are able to give to the Church in order to help keep us on a sound financial footing. If you have not increased your giving for a number of years please assess whether you can afford to increase what you can give.

This time of year around the church anniversary we normally hold our AGM and Gift Day.  It is very uncertain as to whether we will be able to hold them in the normal way. I am therefore asking if people can give to Gift Day in the coming weeks Please contact me or one of the stewards if you need more details on how to give whilst the building is shut.
Thank you. 

Jane Hollins Treasurer


Many thanks to Susan Conlon for bringing me some lovely snowdrops on behalf of Dialstone Lane Methodist Church, they are very lovely, and are very much appreciated.

Margaret Mellado

With Sympathy

We send our sympathies to Hilda Evans on the death of her brother, David Glendinning. The funeral will be held in the Cypress Chapel, Stockport Crematorium on Tuesday 9th March at 3pm. Please pray for Hilda and family at that time.

Knitted Easter Goods

Sheila has plenty of Easter items for sale. If you would like to purchase anything, or if you have contacts where items can be sold (e.g. schools or workplaces) please contact Sheila.

Ten Thousand Steps each day in March

Suzie has started doing 10,000 steps each day during March for Cancer Research and would be very pleased if anyone wishes to sponsor her. Lots of walking and we wish her well.


We're excited that here in the United Stockport Circuit, as part of the Eco-Task Group, we have the opportunity to attend a presentation by Matt Oliver, who works for Traidcraft, highlighting all sorts of ideas, products, producer stories, and facts about Fair Trade. It will highlight the fact that Lent isn’t all about giving things up but can be an opportunity to learn and try out new things – and that when people ask you whether Fair Trade makes a difference, you’ll have some answers. You don’t need to let us know if you’d like to come, but if you’d like a copy of the new Traidcraft catalogue beforehand please get in touch (details below).
Topic: Lent Road Show (Cat Stoker)
Time: Mar 9, 2021 06:30 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting The presentation will start at 6.45pm but the zoom meeting will be open from 6.30pm. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86805452033
Meeting ID: 868 0545 2033

In addition, I have plenty of stock in at present, so I’d love to hear from you if you’d like a Covid safe Traidcraft delivery.
Catriona Stoker, Dialstone Lane Methodist Church, Tel 487 2010; email – cat.stoker@btinternet.com


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